Training Program - Pharmacovigilance in ASU&H

The objective of this skill development programme is to enhance Pharmacovigilance Knowledge and skills of the health care professionals, which in turn promote patient safety.

This skill certification scheme aims to enable and mobilize young healthcare professionals to take up training and develop skill in Pharmacovigilance of medical products in ASU&H, which will boost the productivity and standadization of madicens

The objective of the training programme is to :

  • Provide practical and theoretical training to pharma professionals thereby enhancing and developing their technical skills
  • Enhance Pharmacovigilance skills of the professionals to promote patient safety
  • The programme seeks support from all stakeholders including the physicians, academicians, drug analysts, pharmacists and pharmaceutical industries.

Who can take part in the training?

  • Graduate/ Post Graduate, Research Students of AYUSH
  • Regulatory personnel from AYUSH pharmaceutical industry
  • Technical persons from drug regulatory authority
  • AYUSH Academicians

What would be the Expected Outcome of the Training

  • Able to strengthen the skills and understand the basic requirement of Good Pharma Practices in ASU&H
  • Able to correctly compile and interpret the analytical data and data integration
  • Be aware in the field of drug standard development with regard to regulatory aspects in present scenario